Home Project 1
home art project_

Book: Home by Carson Ellis

I wanted to start the year with a subject all the children love to talk about—Home!
It’s a great chance to celebrate our differences as the children share stories and create a home based on their own.

Warm up
Go around the table and ask the students who make up their family – mom(s), dad(s), brother(s), sister(s) , pet(s) etc.

Then pass out a “house” (Folded White card stock)

Step 1: Draw- on the “inside” of the home, each student will draw their family.
Practice with them the shapes of the head, body, arms, and legs etc.
Encourage them to share stories about their family.
Once finished with the inside invite them to decorate the outside of their home by drawing windows, doors etc.
Drawing materials: sharpies & highlighters

Step 2: Bead -Each student will receive a wire to thread their colored beads. This wire will be used to create a decorative hanging handle for their homes. When they are finished beading, rap the ends of the wire around the hole punched areas found on the sides of the houses.

Step 3: Spray- using watered down paint in squirt bottles have them add color to their homes!

girl creating home art project at preschool
boy creating family bead art at preschool
boys with completed house art_
young children creating house art
boy finishing art project at preschool
boy painting art project
kids having fun with art project at daycare
outdoor art studio at preschool