Anywhere Artist

The concept of “Anywhere Artist” revolves around the idea that art can be created anywhere, using nature as both a muse and a canvas. Children are encouraged to venture outdoors, whether it’s a lush garden, a neighborhood park, or a nearby forest, to discover the endless possibilities for artistic expression.

art teacher with preschool students
boy picking up art supply at preschool

Materials used in the Anywhere Artist project often include sticks, leaves, and rocks that children collect from their school’s native garden or the surrounding natural areas. These natural treasures serve as the foundation for their artistic creations. After gathering these items, the young artists bring them back to the studio where they can transform them into unique artworks.

teacher helping students with art at preschool
rocks for art at preschool

Before attaching the collected materials, the children have the opportunity to add their personal touch to them. Using chalk pastels, they can enhance the colors and textures of the sticks, leaves, and rocks. The vibrant hues of the pastels bring out the natural beauty of these elements, allowing the young artists to infuse their creations with their own artistic flair.

girl with bucket full of art supply
girl painting on a piece of wood

Once the sticks, leaves, and rocks have been colored, the next step is to arrange and affix them to a wood block. This process requires careful consideration of composition and balance. The children experiment with different arrangements, exploring the interplay between different shapes, sizes, and colors. As they glue the materials onto the wood block, their vision starts to take shape, resulting in a visually captivating and three-dimensional artwork.

boy painting wood with bright colors
girl preparing wood for art project
completed anywhere art
boy using sticks for art project at preschool

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