Garden Art Exploration

Drawing boards
Marker or Pencil
Chalk pastels

This week in Art Studio, I took the children on a nature walk in our garden to observe the blooming flowers. I wanted to teach them about the importance of careful observation in art.

Throughout history, artists have been inspired by nature. They often study it closely to capture its beauty in their work.

We sat quietly in the garden, paying attention to the details of the flowers. In a world filled with distractions, it was refreshing to slow down and appreciate nature’s tranquility.

We discussed the different parts of a flower, such as the petals, stem, leaves, and roots. Then, we used pencils and markers to sketch what we saw. Back in the studio, we added vibrant colors using chalk pastels, which allowed us to blend and create new shades.

It was a serene experience that showed the children the importance of observation and attention to detail in art.


Parents: This activity is so precious because you can do it at home or on a walk to the park. Just bring your materials! It’s a great way to bond with your child. Plus, it was a fun way to explore nature’s beauty!

Written by Ms Mele the CMP Art Studio Teacher

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