If you are looking for a fun and cost effective activity for your child, try building a maze! Mazes can be beneficial for kids in several different ways. They provide opportunities for kids to practice problem-solving skills, critical thinking and decision making. By navigating through a maze, kids can improve their spatial awareness, hand eye coordination, and fine motor skills. Mazes can also help children develop their patience, as they work to find the correct path to the end. Additionally, mazes can be a fun and engaging activity that can improve both mood and self esteem. Overall, mazes can be a great way to challenge and entertain children while promoting important cognitive and physical skills.

child playing with strawmaze at prechool

Materials you will need:

-Masking tape, or colored tape

-Pom poms, or cotton balls


strawmaze set up

Step 1: Gather your materials and find an open space in your home or outside, preferably on a flat surface
Step 2: Demonstrate how to construct a simple maze

Step 3: Demonstrate how to blow air through a straw to move your pom pom/cotton ball

Step 4: Let your child create!

This activity can be completed solo or in a group setting, our classroom completed this together as a group. I demonstrated how to build a maze using tape on top of a table and then how to use the straw to blow the pom pom through the maze. Once the example was complete we found ourselves an open area on the floor and got to sticking!

I gave the students several rolls of tape and gave them complete creative control to construct a large maze together. This allowed for them to work on their communication skills and promote teamwork. As a group they were able to build multiple pathways that all connected into a challenging maze with many angles and turns. Once the project was complete they all took turns blowing their pom poms through the pathways to discover a route that connected to the finish line.

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