Art Studio with our Toddler Class: Flowers & Oil Pastel Crayons

Spring is here at CMP and we are learning about flowers at our Art Studio! Our toddler class had fun exploring with flowers and oil pastel crayons.

Ms. Mele read the book, “Flowers” by Usborne and the children learned about the lifecycle of a flower and why they help our environment. After, she explained to the children that they would recreate their own flowers that was handpicked throughout CMP. Then, they started coloring a variety of oil pastel crayons together and used the palms of their hands to blend them in to match the color of the flower that they received.

flowers book by Usborne

-Exploring oil pastel crayons
-Involving nature in art process
-Hand eye coordination
-Fine motor skills
-Learning about flowers

-Construction paper
-Oil Pastel Crayons

construction paper at preschool
crayons at preschool
crayons and paper for art project
preschoolers with colored construction paper

Once the children were finished with their creations, they were welcome to explore the rest of the Art Studio where Ms. Mele had centers out for them to explore. She had natural loose parts, light table with color mixing sheets, hour glass stool towers, and painting recycled material.

recycled material at preschool
pinecones in box at preschool
magnifying glass at preschool
lightroom at preschool

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