Board Games are more than Just Fun

With the increase in technology, many parents worry that children are spending too much time looking at screens and not enough time engaging in social activities. This is where board games come in – they offer a fun way for children to interact with others and develop important skills. Playing board games is more than just a fun time for children, it creates social and emotional building blocks that they will continue to use in the future.

One of the many benefits of board games for children is that they promote socialization. Many board games require the players to work as a collective unit or compete against one another. This challenges children to make new friends and strengthen existing friendships by using communication, teamwork and practicing good sportsmanship.

Board games can also help children to develop gross and fine motor skills. Many games require the players to strategically move small pieces by hand or with an object, such as tweezers, which challenges their hand eye coordination. This can help children to better concentrate and build confidence in welcoming a challenge.

Playing board games is also a way for children to learn new concepts and ideas. Many games are designed to help teach specific concepts such as early literacy, numeracy, shapes or colors. This can be a fun and exciting way for children to learn and retain information, especially if traditional methods of learning seem to be less appealing.

Board games can be a great way for families to spend quality time together. Playing as a family can help strengthen relationships and create lifelong memories. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why board games have become so popular among children and adults alike. Next time you’re looking for a new and educational activity for your child, consider pulling out a board game and seeing where that fun takes you!

Some of the games we found the most fun and challenging in our classroom were:

-Candyland (Hasbro)

-Chutes and Ladders (Hasbro)

-Hi-Ho-Cherry-O (Hasbro)

-Noodle Knockout (Learning Resources)

-Buddies Pet Set (Learning Resources)

-Feed the Woozle (Peaceable Kingdom)

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