Earth Day Seed Bombs

earth day seed bombs

As we celebrate Earth Day, it’s the perfect time to introduce a wonderful project that combines environmental education with hands-on fun, Earth Day Seed Bombs. In our preschool class, we used blue and green paper to represent the Earth. The process involves soaking the paper until it softens and then blending it into a pulp. This step not only demonstrates recycling but also allows children to understand the basics of papermaking and how it reduces waste.

child creating earth day art at preschool

Once we’ve created our earthy pulp, we mix in wildflower seeds. This step sparks conversations about plants, the importance of bees and other pollinators, and how flowers contribute to our ecosystem. The children love the tactile experience of squishing the pulp and seeds together to form little Earth-like globes. By adding seeds into our craft, we emphasize the role each person can play in supporting local wildlife and beautifying our communal spaces.

girls at preschool creating seed bombs

Planting our seed bombs is a highlight for many students. We discuss how the compostable paper will break down and how this benefits the soil, providing an example of decomposition and recycling. Whether these seed bombs are planted in our school garden or taken home to grow, they serve as a visual reminder of growth. This Earth Day, our seed bomb project educates our preschoolers to take active steps toward caring for our planet. It’s a perfect blend of learning, responsibility, and fun.

preschool seed bomb supplies

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