Imaginary Playgrounds

What’s your favorite part of the playground?

Can you draw it for me?

Now let’s build our own !

Incorporating a subject like the playground is a great conversation starter for young children.
It’s a place that they get to laugh and play but also further develop gross motor skills and learn about the world through role playing with peers.

That’s why I thought it would be fun to have the children draw their favorite part of the playground then build their very own.Supplies:

Wood pieces
Wood beads
Washable tempura paint
Pom poms


Fine motor skills
Pitching skills
Creative growth
Confidence building

Impressive tower by Daria – Age: older 2

Seesaw by Max- Age: 3

Elliot & Mason collaborating ideas

“My favorite part are the swings and the swirly slide.” -Bailey age 5

“I love playing in the mud kitchen.” Meka age 5

“The swings! I love the swings!”- Cooper age 3

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