What’s your favorite part of the playground?

Can you draw it for me?

Now let’s build our own !

Incorporating a subject like the playground is a great conversation starter for young children.
It’s a place that they get to laugh and play but also further develop gross motor skills and learn about the world through role playing with peers.

That’s why I thought it would be fun to have the children draw their favorite part of the playground then build their very own.

Girl creating sculpture at daycare center


Wood pieces
Wood beads
Washable tempura paint
Pom poms


Fine motor skills
Pitching skills
Creative growth
Confidence building

childrens sculpture at child care center

Impressive tower by Daria – Age: older 2

kids sculpture at child center
Seessaw sculpture at daycare

Seesaw by Max- Age: 3

young girl making creative scultpure at daycare
girls painting and sculpting at daycare
young gilr paint blocks at child care center
boys sculpting blocks at daycare

Elliot & Mason collaborating ideas

boy scribbling at daycare center
Bailey drawing at daycare center

“My favorite part are the swings and the swirly slide.” -Bailey age 5

playing in the mud drawing at child care center

“I love playing in the mud kitchen.” Meka age 5

I love swings by Cooper at daycare center

“The swings! I love the swings!”- Cooper age 3