5B Book of Feelings

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i feel happy book of feelings

Our 5B Book of Feelings was created to promote emotional awareness. In this activity, students are encouraged to explore and understand various emotions by tracing the written word for each emotion, drawing a corresponding picture of themselves experiencing that emotion, and pasting a photo of themselves expressing it onto the page. This interactive project serves as a valuable tool for young learners to recognize and regulate their emotions.

We started with the introduction of basic emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger, and surprise. By tracing the written word associated with each emotion, children not only practice early writing skills but also reinforce their vocabulary and language development. The drawing component encourages creativity as students express their feelings through art, fostering a deeper connection to their emotional experiences. These steps help solidify the association between written word, visual representation, and the actual experience of each emotion.

As our 5B friends compile their Book of Feelings, the inclusion of personal photographs adds a unique and personalized touch to the project. Seeing their own faces portraying different emotions creates a connection between the concept of emotions and the child’s lived experiences. Our book became a visual reference tool within the classroom, providing a tangible resource for children to revisit and reflect upon when they encounter various feelings. The accessibility of the Emotions Books empowers students to independently navigate their emotions, contributing to a positive and emotionally supportive learning environment.

two boys at preschool writing
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preschool book of feelings

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