Here at CMP we’ve worked closely with master yoga professional, Claire Cafri, to develop and implement a special yoga program for our students. She is a master yogi and certified to teach both children and adults. Claire is originally from South Africa and is a full-time dance teacher. She has always had a love for Yoga and completed her 200 yoga teacher training through Core Power yoga 4 years ago. Teaching children has always been her passion and so it was an easy choice to get her Kids Yoga Teacher Training through Next Generation Yoga, soon after. She has been teaching children for over 10 years and is so excited to share her passion with your children.

Every Wednesday from 3-4pm, Claire guides the children at CMP through a special yoga session that has been specifically designed for them. We’re really excited to offer this at our school and wanted to share it with you, so we decided to interview Claire on the importance of yoga and how it benefits children.

Preschool yoga class at Carmel Mountain Preschool

What are the benefits of yoga for preschool age children?

Claire: Giving the gift of yoga to kids at such an early age is such a wonderful thing. Yoga is a great physical activity that maintains flexibility and strengthens growing bodies. Kids yoga classes are fun, imaginative, and spark creativity, which preschoolers possess naturally. It enhances concentration and teaches kids an appreciation of the world we live in, and the people we connect with. Through different breathing games and exercises, the children learn tools for stress management and balancing a peaceful, relaxed body and mind.

Preschool girl standing in Prayer yoga pose

Preschool boy doing Bound Angle pose in yoga class


How are children able to focus when doing yoga?

Claire: My yoga classes are fun and [adventurous], each week the kids have a new theme or idea. Kids yoga is different from adult yoga because the children get to use their imagination, music, and props. Some weeks we go to the Zoo, or for a swim in the ocean. By bringing animals and other things they are learning (about) into the session helps them to stay focused and engaged in the class.

Preschool kids partnered in Navasana (Boat Post)

Kids doing partner yoga at school

What are the benefits of offering yoga in a school setting?

Claire: CMP is an amazing school and it is so great that they are bringing yoga into their environment. The teachers can use the breathing and meditation techniques (the children have learned in yoga) to help calm a class where, for example, there’s a little too much energy. Or simply bring everyone’s focus together by doing a balance pose in the middle of a class. I have seen the great benefits of teaching yoga and I hope all the kids at CMP have the opportunity to experience this awesome gift!

For more information or to contact Claire directly please email:

Preschool class in tree pose at Carmel Mountain Preschool

Preschool kids doing Downward Facing Dog yoga pose

Preschoolers in yoga class doing downward facing dog pose

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