Taste Test & Collaborative Chart

Today in our preschool class we explored the vibrant world of vegetables through a taste-testing adventure. Our CMP Kids were introduced to the sweet crunchiness of carrots and the juicy burst of cherry tomatoes, two staples of healthy eating. Each child eagerly participated, their faces lighting up with each new taste sensation. It wasn’t just about enjoying the snacks, during this unit, we collaborated on a list of healthy foods that we have not tried yet and we narrowed it down to carrots and cherry tomatoes. This taste test introduced us to the importance of trying new things and discussing our individual preferences.

preschooler eating carrot
preschooler eating carrot 2

Following our taste test, we transitioned to an engaging and interactive learning activity. With their newfound opinions on carrots and cherry tomatoes, each child contributed to our class chart. They placed tally marks to represent their preferences: a mark for carrots, a mark for cherry tomatoes, or a mark for enjoying both equally. This visual representation solidified their understanding of personal taste but also introduced them to the basics of data collection. As each tally mark added up, it became a collaborative artwork of our class’s diverse tastes. This activity wasn’t just about vegetables; it was a lesson in expressing ourselves and the beginnings of graphing and mathematical concepts. 

preschooler drawing on whiteboard
preschooler drawing on whiteboard 2

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