Painting to Music

Painting to music is a form of art that combines music and different art mediums (paint, markers, crayon, etc). Prior to this project, we had discussed as a class the basics of music, what rhythm is, and which instruments they know. I also introduced a few music instruments for the children to play.

painting with music at preschool


Colored Pencils
Dot Markers
Paper (we used white construction paper)

girl painting to music at preschool

This project focuses on the child’s sense of hearing and emotion. I had the children close their eyes for 30 seconds while the music played. We discussed what they heard and felt. Was it loud or quiet? A fast or slow tempo? Then they would choose their medium and while they drew I played the music again. For this particular project, since we had discussed instruments, I played the sounds of drums, maracas, sound bowls, wind chimes, as well as their favorite song.

Since this art is all about the child’s perspective and the feelings it evokes in them, you’re guaranteed every piece is going to be unique and beautiful.

completed preschool art

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