Recycled Art Creations

After learning about Earth Day and ways we can help the our planet, we decided to do a recycled art creation! As a class family we collected recyclable items from our class, other classrooms, and from our homes and brought them together so we can create art out of it.

A few books that we read:

what a waste book
this class can save the planet book
i can save the earth book
why should i recycle book
the earth gives more book

-Cardboard as a base
-Recycled items
-Tacky glue/ Hot glue gun

For this project the children were able to create how little or how big they wanted to build with it. We had plenty of recyclables to go around! One of the many things that I noticed was that the children were very excited to tell one another about the items that they brought to share with. They talked about where it came from, how it was used, where it was used, and it created fun conversations within our classroom.

-Fine motor skills
-Turn taking
-Language skills
-Color recognition
-Better understanding of how we can repurpose recycle
-Better understanding on how we can help protect Earth

children at preschool with recycled art
children at preschool with recycled art 2
children at preschool with recycled art 3
children at preschool with recycled art 4
finished preschool recycled art
finished preschool recycled art 2

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