Potty Training Tips

Before starting to potty train please talk to your child’s teacher to see if they show interest in the potty at school. It is important that Parents and Teachers work together to help the child be successful. Often, children show interest at home, but not at school. Just because they show interest doesn’t always mean they are ready.  They may just be curious about the potty. Teachers and Parents should encourage the child to use the potty throughout the day.


Here are some signs to look for before starting to potty train.

  • The child lets you know when they are wet or dry
  • Diaper stays dry most of the day and they use the potty each time you visit
  • Their bowel movements (BM’s) are fairly consistent, usually in the morning or night, not several times a day.
  • Your child can pull their pants up and down independently,



Helpful Tips:

  • Go straight to regular underwear- no pull-ups except for naps and night time and no padded training underwear.
  • Make a big deal out of buying the big kid underwear.
  • Some potty training books recommend no underwear for the first few weeks. However, underwear is helpful when your child hasn’t mastered BM’s in the potty.


When starting potty training it is helpful if you have a full 3 day weekend (at least) to begin.


Give your child plenty of liquids when you first start. This will help them to be successful when they sit on the potty.

  • Set a timer for every 30 minutes and ask them to try. Only sit for a few minutes.. I try having them count to 10 if nothing comes out. They do not get to flush but still have them practice washing hands.
  • Praise even just a few drops- lots of positivity.
  • If they don’t want to sit on the potty, you can try having special books to read them while they sit.
  • Do not force them. If you have to force them, then they are not ready. If you force them, it’s just going to be a frustrating experience for all parties involved.
  • Rewards…I encourage you to try positive praise at first and if they seem to need a little more pull out the stickers or treats. However, they worked well for my daughter. I used Peanut MnM’s.  Some use marshmallows, skittles, stickers, art projects, Every child is motivated differently…
  • Patience, patience, patience.
  • Potty training is not a race. Every child potty trains differently, some at 2 years old, some at 4 years old. It’s not one size fits all.
  • Just know there will be accidents. It may seem like they have the hang of it and then they switch classes or a parent has to go on a trip and they start having accidents. Life happens. Stay positive.


Whatever you do, please do not get frustrated and put them back in pull ups/diapers as it will confuse your little one.




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