Creation Station: Robots

During Creation Station week we made Robots using only recycled materials. Letting the parents know two weeks prior to this fun week of creating, they saved any of their recyclable items from home and brought them in to our class for them use. Additionally, they planned out together what they wanted their robot to look like. Some parents built the robot, took a photo and sent the photo to school as a visual for the child to build, some parents drew what their child wanted their robot to look like.


To give the children inspiration here are some books that we read throughout the week:

not a box book
the most magnificent thing
robots robots everywhere
if i built a school

Throughout the week the children rotated groups during our centers to work on their project so everyday they were able to work on their robot. Some pieces were able to stay on with school glue, while other pieces needed extra reinforcement with a hot glue gun that I would administer onto to their project.


After all the robots were finished each child drew a picture of their robot. Then they were showcased in our patio for 3 days for our school family to look at and enjoy. Each robot had a picture of the child, the child’s name, the robots name, and what their function was. The children and myself had a blast using our creative juices to design these robots!

girl creating robot art at preschool
girl gluing crafts
girl using can for art
cardboard tower
boy with robot art project
completed robot art 1
completed robot art 2
completed robot art 3
completed robot art 4
completed robot art 5

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