For this lesson I decided to combine two concepts, color mixing and reflection.

Book: Mix It Up, which I highly recommend as a fun interactive book for any child who wants to explore colors!

Mix It Up childrens book
child mixing it up at daycare

Part 1

We started off by talking about the primary colors red, yellow and blue as our magic colors that can transform to create all colors of the rainbow when mixed right. To show the children how, I invited them to help create a water rainbow down the middle of the table using mason jars of water and drops of food coloring.

mixing colors at daycare

After completing our water rainbow together, each child got to mix their own primary colors using pipettes on card stock.

children painting at child care
girl painting at daycare

Exploring and discovering through the layering of colors to create new ones.
Resulting in beautiful drip rainbows!

boy painting at daycare

Part 2

For our second step we switched it up and sat with our reflection.

We explored ourselves and how we wear our emotions on our face.
I asked the children to make a variety of faces in the mirror….happy, silly, sad, mad, surprised….

girl looking in mirror at daycare
boy looking in mirror at daycare
little girl looking in mirror at child care

After, they got to choose which emotion they’d like to capture in their drawing.
Using transparency paper and stick on acrylic mirrors the children drew straight onto their reflection.

Instructions: simply draw what you see

small boy drawing on mirror at daycare
girl drawing faces on mirror at child care
girl having fun with mirror at daycare

Above: Annika drawing her precious bangs

faces on a mirror at daycare
cartoon face on mirror
fun faces on mirror

At the end of our exploration the two parts of our lesson were combined to make one beautiful hanging work of art.

girl with finished drawing at preschool