Learning About Clay

Every time I work with clay it seems to have a calming effect on me, which is also so true for young children.

It’s fascinating to observe children interact with this medium and for some of them this was their very first time doing so. Different from play dough, the natural thickness of clay is excellent for hand strength development. Clay exploration is also a great way for children to connect with nature.

Throughout this lesson the children got to explore different techniques and uses for clay such as Sculpture and Pottery. We worked on this concept of circular rolling vs vertical rolling results in differing shapes.

One of our activities included an introduction to pottery by creating pinch pots. Which are small creations that can fit in the palm of your hand (Good for keeping treasures and trinkets).Wire and clay sculptures

Wire boards were offered to each child as an invitation to create different free forms.

As clay was introduced they began applying small pieces to their wire.

This process encourages repetition which is essential for young children to learn and grow.Bead Gardens

Apply tooth picks to clay and top them with flower beads.

A simple way to encourage fine motor development, concentration and creativity.

The children could do this activity for hours!

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