This week in 5B, our friends have been discussing a wide array of emotions that we feel every day. We brainstormed different feelings like worried, excited, and happyish/sadish, because sometimes we feel multiple feelings at the same time. We read The Bad Mood and the Stick by Lemony Snicket and we learned that sometimes it’s easy for “bad moods” to move from person to person. After we read the book we focused on what to do when we feel an unhappy mood coming on, we can think about why we’re upset, in our classroom, we can go to the cozy corner or find a feeling buddy, feel our big feeling and think about what we can do to help us feel better. Our friend came up with:

    • Taking a deep breath
    • Using one of our breathing techniques (S.T.A.R, Ballon, Drain, or Pretzel)
    • Ask for some space
    • Hug a stuffed animal
    • Look at a family photo
    • Look at our school family picture book
    • Take a sip of water
    • Ask for a snack

For our art project, we used our fine motor skills to cut out a shape of a cloud, just like the bad mood in the book! Then we used a black marker to draw out the bad mood face, some of our friends drew a happy mood and pointed out that good moods can also easily be transferred! Then we used water color to paint our clouds!

bad mood and the stick book
girl tracing artwork at preschool
girl cutting out art project at preschool
girl coloring artwork at preschool