Create a Clay Butterfly


  • Colored clay
  • Cardstock

This activity involves  two main clay rolling techniques.

  • Circular rolling to make round shapes
  • Up and down rolling to create long pieces

This is great practice for children to strengthen their hands and develop fine motor control.

Using a reference photo teaches students the art of observation.

Observe the following and try to recreate it:

  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Lines

The more details they observe the more details they’ll incorporate.

Remember for the younger children they will be more focused on getting to know the clay.

For them they will likely focus on ripping, rolling, and sticking clay to the card stock.

build a butterfly
building a clay butterfly at preschool
clay butterfly at daycare
part of a clay butterfly
clay butterfly example at preschool
child making clay butterfly at preschool
finished clay butterfly at preschool