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Creating Art with Nature

“Creating Art with Nature” Julie Goldstein I love to be in nature, I get so inspired and excited about the textures, space and overall experience. The children also love to be in nature and often create drawings or collect objects from nature to use in their artwork. For this particular project, we went on a […]

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Tissue Paper Poinsettias

Materials Red tissue paper Circle cut from yellow construction paper White paper Glue Water Paintbrush 1- Have children rip red tissue paper into strips 2- Mix equal parts glue and water to get a “runny” glue consistency. After children have ripped paper into strips, have them glue the strips down using a paintbrush over the […]

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All About Shapes!

Ideas for children to explore shapes. 1. Pattering with blocks and paint. Use a variety of blocks to have children create a pattern. Have your child dip the block into paint and make any pattern they choose. 2. Shape tracing. Use a simple shape pattern and have children place flat glass beads to make the […]

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Holiday Tree

Materials Green paint Glitter A stick White paper A star sticker or star bead Glue Painters tape 1- Lay two pieces of painters tape in a triangle to make a tree. 2- Have children use green paint to paint in between the two pieces of tape. 3-Remove tape very carefully. Add a star at the […]

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Holiday Learning Centers

Try these fun and easy “DIY” holiday themed learning centers. Jingle Bell Sorting You’ll need an ice cube tray, a variety of jingle bells, and a set of kid friendly tongs. Have kids transfer the bells into the ice cube tray. For older kid they can sort, match colors, and make patterns. Christmas Tree Decorating. […]

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“Pete the Cat” Cupcake Craft

Materials “Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcake by Kimberly and James Dean Yellow, brown, and pink paint Brown and white construction paper This is a fun way to revisit your Pete the Cat read aloud. For younger children, cut the white paper into a a cupcake shape. For older kids, they can cut out […]

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There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

Materials “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly” story Stickers “Old Lady” Template Crayons Story props for re-telling Our preschoolers love stories they can sequence and retell. We read “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly” and after we finished, we discussed the sequence of the story. For this activity, we […]

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Dancing Popcorn Science Experiment

In this activity you will need: Tall jar or glass Popping corn Baking soda Vinegar Water Spoon DIRECTIONS: 1. Add 2 cups of water to the jar 2. Take 2 tablespoons of baking soda 3. Stir until it resolves 4. Add corn 5. Add vinegar slowly Dixie cup size 6. Then watch it dance!!

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Farm Painting

Materials: White construction paper Green, yellow, brown, blue, and white paint Paint brushes This is a great activity to explore landscapes with children. After discussing the type of landscape you might see in the country or on a farm we painted these pictures. First, we folded the paper into 4 sections. I drew a light […]

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Directed Drawing Pigs

Materials White paper Black marker One large cardboard circle and one smaller cardboard circle for tracing Pink crayons Blue, green, and yellow water color paint Paint brushes For this activity, your preschooler will be listening to and following multistep directions. First, have your preschooler trace the large circle with a black marker for the pigs […]

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