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CMP Activities

Painting Fall Leaves with Acorns

Materials: Brown, yellow, and red paint White construction paper cut into leaf shape Dried, brown leaves from outside Acorns Tray for rolling acorns on Spoons This is a great process art project for fall. First, have kids collect the leaves and acorns from outside. Talk about how seasons change and leaves begin to change color […]

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Candy Corn Art

Materials: Black, white, yellow, and orange construction paper Glue Q-tips First, draw a candy corn shape on a piece of black construction paper. You can free hand each one or create a template to trace. After talking about the pattern of the colors in candy corn, have the kids use q-tips to spread glue on […]

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Color Volcanoes

Materials: A variety of kool-aid Water Baking soda Vinegar Clear bowls or cups First, you need to put a few scoops of kool-aid into a clear bowl or cup. Then, add water to the kool-aid so that it all dissolves. Give it a good mix! Once you have your kool-aid mixture the fun begins! Have […]

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Pumpkin Lacing Fine Motor Activity

Materials: Orange and brown construction paper Hole punch Scissors Black Marker Orange yarn Newspaper For this activity we cut an identical pumpkin shape onto two pieces of orange construction paper. Then we used the hole punch to punch holes along the outside of the paper. Attach a long piece of yarn to the paper using […]

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All About Corn

This week, our 2 year old friends learned all about corn! The used a variety of skills to explore and investigate.

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Apple Volcano Science

Materials: Apples Equal amounts Vinegar and Baking Soda Tray Knife First, cut the top off the apple and make a hole for the baking soda and vinegar. We let the children scoop the baking soda into the apple. We then poured the vinegar into the apple. We stood back and watched the science happen!

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“Spookly The Square Pumpkin” Shape Craft and Fine Motor Activity

Materials: Assortment of large shapes Pencils Scissors Construction Paper Markers “Spookley the Square Pumpkin” by Joe Troiano Step 1. After reading the story, allow children to choose any colored construction paper they like and a shape that they can trace. Step 2. Have children trace the object and then cut out the shape. Step 3. […]

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