Carmel Mountain Preschool

CMP Activities

Drawing with Scissors

By: Julie Goldstein This week up in The Studio our CMP artists learned all about cutting shapes and creating colorful collages inspired by the books “Perfect Square” and “Drawing with Scissors”. They learned all about the artist Henri Mattise, who was famous for his colorful cut collages. For some of our students, this was the […]

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Yarn Wrapped Bees

Materials: Black and yellow yarn Cardboard Scissors Newspaper Makers Buttons 1. Cut out an oval shape from the cardboard. This will be the body of the bee. For younger kids, cut small slits into the cardboard so that the yarn won’t move while wrapping. Have the kids start wrapping the yarn around the oval cardboard. […]

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Bubble Wrap Sun

Materials: Paper plate Bubble wrap Yellow and orange paint Yellow and blue construction paper Glue Paintbrushes 1. Paint a white paper plate yellow. 2. While the paint is still wet, lightly paint a piece of bubble wrap with orange paint. Have kids dab the bubble wrap onto the plate. Keep dabbing until the paint has […]

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Yarn Wrapped Rainbows

Materials Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink Yarn Cardboard cut into a rainbow shape This is a simple and easy fine motor art project. First, I cut a rainbow shape out of cardboard for each child. Then, they were given a piece of yarn in each color. I tied the first piece on and […]

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Parts of a Flower

Materials: Green Construction paper Popsicle stick Brown yarn Green crayon Flower cut out Bingo dotters Glue Marker After talking about the parts of a flower during circle time, we created our own flower during art. First, I cut out a flower for each child and had them use bingo dotters to decorate their flower however […]

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Textures in Nature

By: Julie Goldstein This week up in The Studio, we went on another nature adventure. This time we learned all about “Textures” in nature. First, the children passed around a pinecone and used their own words to describe how it felt in the palm of their hands. Some said, “it’s squishy” and other “it’s soft” […]

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“Waterfall Painting” Process Art

Materials: Watercolor Eyedroppers White paper 1- Have kids dip eyedropper into watercolor and squeeze drops of watercolor onto paper. This is great fine motor activity to increase finger strength. 2- When they are drone adding paint, have them stand over a garbage can or tray and tilt their paper so that the paint drips down. […]

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Valentine’s Day Canvas

Materials Blue acrylic paint A black and white photo of child holding an umbrella Glue Modge podge “Love” sticker Scrapbook paper cut into heart shapes 1. Paint white canvas with blue acrylic paint and let dry. 2. Cut out a black and white photo of your child holding an umbrella. 3. Modge podge onto canvas […]

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Penguin Art

Materials: Black, orange, and white construction paper Glue Googley eyes Water colors Pencils Scissors 1. Have children use watercolor paints to completely cover a white piece of construction paper as the background. We used permanent markers to write our names so they didn’t run with the watercolors. 2. On a half sheet of white construction […]

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Bubble Wrap Snowmen

Materials for Part 1: Bubble wrap White paint Rolling pin 1. Tape bubble wrap to a large rolling pin. Then, spread white paint on a plate or tray and have children roll the bubble wrap into the paint. Then, they will paint their whole piece of paper. We choose to use black paper. While the […]

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