Wire Sculptures & Observation Drawings

As the beginning of school year unfolds, here at CMP , the Wire Sculptures and Line Drawings project serves as a living canvas, painting the evolving capabilities and viewpoints of the young learners. Imagine watching a discovery of fine motor skills, problem-solving, and artistic expression – unfolding through the dynamic interplay of wire, beads, markers, pencils, and pastels.

Book: One Red Dot
One Red Dot is children’s book by David A. Carter that introduces young readers to the world of sculpture, visual art ,and creativity. Through intricate pop-up designs, the book guides readers to find a single red dot hidden among the elaborate paper constructions on each page. As they turn the pages and explore the amazing pop-ups, the children engage in a fun and interactive experience while developing their observation skills.
This lesson is an intro to sculpture and observation drawings.
Masking tape
Card stock

Step 1: Introduction to Wire The project begins by introducing the children to the malleable and versatile medium of wire. First we demonstrate the transformative nature of wire through bending and twisting.

Step 2: Sculpting with Wire Children are encouraged to embrace their artistic instincts as they manipulate the wire to craft sculptures or forms. The freedom to twist and turn the wire and thread it using beads of their choice, fosters imagination and creative thinking.

Step 3: Observational Drawing Once the sculptures are complete, we secure their wire creations atop white drawing paper using tape. Then the children translate their sculptural work onto paper, using pencils and markers, they exercise their observation skills.

The Wire Sculptures and Line Drawings project isn’t just an art lesson, it’s a journey of growth and expression!

Art Studio Teacher: Mele Saili

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