Tie-Dying Smocks

Bottles of tie-dye
By: Julie Goldstein

For the past two weeks we have been tie-dying smocks up in The Studio. I thought it would be a fun idea for each child to make its very own “messy art” shirt. Every time they travel up to see me they will wear their colorful tie-dyed tee to protect their clothing and now they will have ownership over their creatively designed smock. This is a very fun and east project to do at home, a birthday party or in your classroom.

Carmel Mountain Preschool student mixing up the shirts in the dye!
100% cotton t-shirts
Fabric Dye
Buckets of water to mix the dye
Sticks or wooden spoons
Rubber gloves
Rubber bands
Shirts drying out at our Tie-Dye day

  1. Prepare all of the dye- baths. Mix all colors by following directions on the dye package. I used RIT dyes and they were bright and colorful.
  2. Add ½ cup of salt to enhance the color
  3. Apply rubber bands all over the tee (most children need assistance with this step)
  4. Immerse the tee into the dye bath and use the stick or spoon to press down
  5. Keep in the dye for an hour or two
  6. Ring out the excess dye
  7. Pull off the rubber bands
  8. Hang to dry
  9. Wash and Dry accordingly
  10. HAVE FUN!!

Drying out the tie-dyed shirt for the day!
Bucket of red tie-dye
Bucket of blue tie-dye
Teaching the children about how tie-dying smocks.
Child at Carmel Mountain Preschool mixes the shirts in the dye.
Mixing Tie-Dye is fun!

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