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Albie is so proud that he can go potty just as his older cousin, Elmo, does. P Is For Potty! is a wonderful book where toddlers can use some of their sensory skills and lift lots of fun flaps to see what object is underneath. This book will help your child feel more confident about using the potty and excited to grow up just like Elmo did!Everyone Poops is a great book to introduce to your child before potty training. It talks about how all the different living beings deal with the products of digestion. From animals to humans, this book makes it fun for children to learn about human nature and the truths about going to the bathroom. If you child is having trouble communicating or is embarrassed about using the restroom, then this is a great book to help normalize the conversation.Once Upon a Potty is easy to for children to follow along to and makes the potty training process simpler for children to understand. It starts with Joshua learning about his useful body parts and ends with Joshua learning about his new potty and what to do with this new object. If your child is just starting to learn about the potty, this book is a great introduction to potty training.Let’s Go Potty Elmo! makes going to the bathroom fun for children.  It has tabs that your little one can pull to see the toilet paper spin and a wheel that you can turn to make the water flush around and around in the toilet. These are great visuals so your children will remember the steps of going potty and be excited about it.Jump on the potty train and start learning how to use the potty! Sometimes it can take a while and you might get all wet, but one day the Potty Train will blow it’s whistle and say “Chugga Chugga poooo-pooooooo!” The Potty Train is a fun story that uses an analogy about a little boy and his animals friends that ride on an exciting potty train and learn how to use the restroom together. This is a great book to read your child if they are apprehensive about using the potty and need to feel more comfortable with the process.Potty Superhero: Get Ready For Big Boy Pants! describes what to do when your tummy feels funny and you might have use the potty. It’s a short story that helps children understand when they should try going to the bathroom, where they should go, and that they can use their super potty powers to help them go. Once they master the potty process, they can wear their big boy pants!These two books emphasize that everyone uses the potty and it is something to be proud of.

  1. Even Firefighters Go To The Potty is an entertaining and easy to read story that talks about all the different people that go to the potty. Doctors, astronauts, baseball players and policemen all go to the potty. Wendy Wax and Naomi Wax use repetition and fun photos that your child can relate to. This book will reassure your child that everyone uses the restroom so they should too!
  2. Even Superheroes Use The Potty explains that all different people use the potty, even children. If your child is nervous or shy about using the potty, this short story will help guide them in the right direction of being proud and accomplishing a successful trip to the bathroom.

Potty is a story about a boy who uses his potty for the first time and is successful. This is a huge achievement and shows how proud the little boy feels. This book uses straightforward language that children can follow along to. It will keep their interest since it is a shorter story and teach them the process of using the restroom.This story does wonders when helping your little pirate master using the potty. It comes with a pirate hat that your little one can ask for when they need to use the potty. This will help your child if they are having a hard time telling you that they have to use the restroom. If he or she does a good job on the potty, you can also give them a “gold doubloon” sticker that’s included in the book. Pirate Potty uses analogies and is fun to follow along to. It gives great ideas such as singing a pirate song while on the potty if they need a little more time to go. Your child will enjoy the added fun in this book and love the praise when they accomplish a great potty trip!These books talk about big girls and boys that wear panties and underpants.

  1. Big Boy Underpants is a wonderful book if your child is hesitant about wearing underwear. It will show them that wearing underwear is something to be proud of and that they are growing up to be a big boy. The simple language and pictures of all different types of underwear will make them more comfortable when they choose their pair for the first time.
  2. Big Girl Panties shows that wearing panties is a special thing and only big girls get to wear them. If your child is apprehensive about wearing panties, this book will encourage them to be a big girl just like mommies, grandmas, and aunties.

Ernie is ready to be a big boy and learn how to use the potty. Too Big For Diapers explains exactly what to do when your little one has to use the potty. Each page focuses on a different step, so its easy for your child to comprehend and follow along to.Duck is a big duck now and learns the right way to sit on the potty. If your child is having trouble sitting on the potty chair and making it into the toilet, Duck Goes Potty will let them know that it’s okay if they miss every now and then, but it also reminds them of the appropriate way to sit on the potty so they have a successful trip. The cute illustrations are relatable and fun to read along to.It’s Potty Time is a fun book to read to your son when they are potty training. It goes over the wonderful feeling of being clean and using the toilet instead of a diaper. It also goes through each step of using the potty and to not be afraid of flushing the toilet when they are finished. This book also has fun button for children to press that makes noise, along with a potty training success chart at the end! Your son can feel accomplished when filling out the chart and marking that he used the potty, flushed the toilet, and washed his hands.

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