The Glenn Gallery – Our First Art Exhibition

By Julie GoldsteinMr. Brian, Ms. Erin and I have been orchestrating a school-wide exhibition that will showcase Tinker Hollow, The Art Studio, and The Nature Lab. Each of us created a special project that will be on exhibition up in The Glenn on March 20th and 21st from 5-5: 30 pm. Brian taught the kids how to construct with wood and then applied paint with a variety of fun and messy tools. Erin walked the kids around The Glenn and taught them how to take photos of things that they found in nature. Up in The Studio, I instructed the children in a two-part project that included drawing in nature, painting, and sewing. Each project is unique and special. The kids worked so hard and are so proud to show their parent. Please stay tuned for details on the exhibition as well as the Hullabaloo concert that will take place on the back lawn right after the Glenn Gallery Exhibition. We look forward to seeing you all soon!Mixed Media Paintings

Canvas or Watercolor paper
Oil Pastels
Liquid Water Color
Embroidery needles

  1. Take the kids to the outdoors and have them look around and observe their surroundings
  2. Focus on one or two objects and draw onto the canvas with pencil
  3. Walk back to the classroom or studio space and apply thick coats of oil pastels (the darker the layers the better)
  4. Apply water color to the entire composition
  5. Let dry or dab with a towel to take off the remaining watercolor
  6. Poke holes around the canvas
  7. Prepare the needles with a long piece of yarn (tie a double knot at the end and around the needle)
  8. Stitch in and around the entire canvas
  9. Continue to add new colors so that the canvas is full of vivid colors.
  10. Have FUN!

**Please see our blog next week to view both Ms. Erin’s and Mr. Brian’s individual lesson plans

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