Drawing nature at our preschool
By Julie Goldstein

This week up in The Studio, we got inspired by the book “Birds and Other Animals” by Pablo Picasso.  We read the book and counted each bird aloud that was drawn on the page.  Then we went out into The Glenn and created our own drawings inspired by things that exist in nature.  The children had fun looking at the trees, rocks and birdhouses and really tried to draw what they saw.  Each child was given a small paper cup and then collected objects that were flat for example leaves or seedpods.  Lastly, we returned to The Studio and created collages with our found objects and drawings.  This is a really fun and easy project to do at home or in your classroom and the children really enjoy all the layers of creating!

Toddler looks at nature to draw leaves


Drawing boards
Small cup for collecting

Toddler draw nature while sitting on a rock


  1. Read “Birds and Other Animals” by Pablo Picasso
  2. Go out into nature or outside your classroom our back yard
  3. Find a quiet place to sit and draw for at least 15 minutes
  4. Collect leaves and seedpods
  5. Go back to work space and apply glue to the paper and add items as a college, design or whimsical creation inspired by nature
  6. Have Fun!

toddler draw what they see in nature
Toddler have fun drawing in our preschool!
Toddlers collect samples to draw at our child care center
toddlers draw nature in a group at our preschool