Color Mixing and Collages

MIx it up! Book Cover
By Julie Goldstein

This week up in The Studio we learned all about colors. First, we read the book “Mix it Up” by Herve Tullet. Then we practiced mixing Primary colors: Red, Blue, and Yellow into Secondary colors: Purple, Green, and Orange. The kids painted 3 paintings of secondary colors then turned their brushes around to draw into each painting. After the paintings dried, the kids ripped and tore their painting up to create colorful collages full of textures, overlapping shapes, and space. Try this fun and energetic project at home or in your classroom.

Materials for Mix It Up!

Drawing paper or watercolor paper, cut into small rectangles 4”x 6”
Tempera Paint: Red, Blue, and Yellow
Paper plates or paint palettes
Elmer’s Glue

Student reading the instructions book
Kids having fun with hte activity

  1. Read “Mix it Up” and show the primary colors
  2. Demonstrate how to mix each secondary color
  3. Pass out three sheets of paper
  4. Paint each secondary color onto the paper
  5. After each painting, have the kids turn their brush around and use the point to draw back into the painting
  6. Let dry
  7. Rip, tear or cut into shapes (I like to tear with this project, it helps develop their fine motor skills)
  8. Glue into a collage (Introduce the term “overlap” and have the kids layer their variety of torn up shapes)
  9. HAVE FUN!

Toddlers enjoying the activity!
Toddler drawing with paint!
Materials for this project!
Drawing with the back of the paint brish

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