Wizard Wands

If I was a Wizard….

“ I’d turn everything into coconuts”. Mira
“ Rainbows would come out of my wand.” Kinsley
“ I’d make the plants grow.” Gracie

We had a lot of fun exercising our imaginations by drawing ourselves as wizards.

It’s incredible to watch each age group develop their drawing skills. From scribbles to recognizable figures each stage is necessary as they gain control of their cognitive and motor skills.Rhonda Kellogg’s research (1969)

Most adults considered child art to be a poor attempt to represent objects and persons in the child’s environment and there for worthless or in need of correction. Children were discouraged or even forbidden from scribbling, and encouraged to copy adult models.

She felt drawing was an expression of the growth of the child’s physical and mental process, that it was the process of drawing that was important. She argued that children need plenty of time for free drawing and scribbling in order to develop the symbols that will later become the basis of all drawing and writing.

Age: 5

Age 4-7: Pre schematic – Develops a set of symbols to represent concepts

Age 1-2 1/2 years: Random Scribbling

Age 3-4 1/2 years: Named Scribbles

Age 2 1/2 – 3 years : Controlled Scribbling


Wooden stick
Pipe cleaners
Rainbow/ glow Beads


-Wrap the first pipe cleaner around your wand
-Bead your second pipe cleaner then wrap
– Add ribbon

Tricks and tips:
Pipe cleaners help keep beads secure as they thread as opposed to string or wire.

Encourage them to not give up if they face a challenge. This motivates resilience and confidence that later contributes to a child’s journey in learning new skills.

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