Expecting Baby #2

Are you welcoming another little one to your family? This blog will take you through different books that you can read to your first child to make the transition easier for everyone.

little big girl

Matisse is a little girl in a large world. She realizes that she is not so little anymore when she meets her baby brother for the first time. Now she is a big girl who loves to help her little brother learn and grow. Little Big Girl is a wonderful book if your child is learning how to welcome a little one into the family. The pictures and simple language bring positivity into this transition so children will feel reassured and excited for the new addition.

You were first

You Were the First is a touching book that will reassure your older child that they will always be loved and treasured no matter how many new siblings are brought into the family. This is a great book for children going through transition that need encouragement and additional attention.

im a big brother

I’m a Big Brother will help your child understand how delicate newborns are and that they have different needs and limitations. This sweet book shows that being a big brother is an important job and their family couldn’t do it without them. It even has a note to parents at the end that lists valuable reminders when adding another child into the family.

Im a big brother 2

I Am a Big Brother! shows children that being a “big sibling” is a fun job and something to be celebrated. This short story is filled with positive pictures and easy to read language so children can understand these big changes and new lifestyle.

The new baby

The New Baby is a delightful story that describes appropriate activities for a bigger sibling to do with a newborn. If your child is having trouble understanding why the new baby is not playing with them, this is a great book to read to them!

wolfie the bunny

Wolfie the Bunny lets children know that it is okay to be confused and apprehensive when a new baby arrives. It shows the process of managing these emotions and how time and bonding experiences can bring siblings closer. Your child will love the illustrations and fun characters in this short story.

the new baby 2

Usborne First Experiences The New Baby is the perfect book to explain the process of bringing a new child home so the older siblings will know what to expect. The encouraging story will reassure and calm the older siblings if they are feeling uneasy about the transition.

a baby for sister frances

Frances is sad that her routine is somewhat forgotten and that the new baby has taken most of the attention lately. She decides to run away and make herself a new home under the dining room table. Her parents miss her dearly and remind her that their family is not complete without her. Frances agrees and feels like a part of the family once again. A Baby Sister for Frances walks children through some of the emotions that they may be feeling after a newborn is brought into the household. There are some good techniques that the parents use in this short story to explain that their love for Frances has not changed and that they love her equally even if their attention is not always available.

my new baby

My New Baby encourages children to love their new brother or sister. The simple and positive language will allow your child to understand and feel good about taking care of their new baby.

babies come from airports

This short story talks about where babies come from and it ends with a sweet message that “babies come from love.” Babies Come From Airports is a great book to read your child if they are too young to understand that babies come from labor and any details on living situations etc.

the day babies crawled away

The Day The Babies Crawled Away highlights a small boy that saves the day and rescues all the children that crawled away. If your older child needs some recognition and attention, read this book so they can feel more confident and excited about being a big brother or sister.

one busy day

One Busy Day is a lovely story for siblings to read together. The book communicates that siblings should play together and enjoy activities that they both find intriguing. It’s “a lot more fun to be busy together.” One Busy Day has many colorful pictures that little ones will love and shows various activities that children can do together if they use their imagination.

the baby swap

Caroline is very jealous of her baby brother getting all the attention and wants to switch him out for another friend. After seeing that a baby panda or tiger is a lot to handle, Caroline decides that she wants her baby brother back and to be his big sister. The Baby Swap is a helpful book if your child is feeling jealous or sad because a new baby arrived and is taking most of the attention. It shows the bright side of having a baby brother or sister and that it can be fun to be the bigger, more responsible sibling.

one special day

Spencer is many things, but one special day, he becomes a big brother. One Special Day is engaging and allows children to finish sentences such as “ He was as free as a… bird,” with illustrated pictures to follow along to. It also offers a positive light on adding a new one to the family and that it is something to be celebrated.