ms selena welcome

We want to officially welcome our NEW Nature Lab teacher, Ms. Salena!

Ms. Salena is a former staff member at the San Diego Zoo.

Her impressive knowledge of animals and ecosystems stem from her work here in the United States as well as over seas in England. Places like the Sacramento Zoo, Chessington World of Adventure (in England), The Living Rainforest (in England) and even volunteering at the UC Davis Arboretum!

As she is currently working on her Conservation Biology Masters we know our school animals are in good hands and CMP is so grateful to have her as one of our many amazing educators!

ms selena with kids drawings at preschool
ms. selena reading to students at child care

Q & A

Favorite Animal/ plant fact?

San Diego is both the most biologically rich county and county with the most threatened species in the continental US. This means that we have the most types of wildlife around our home but they are disappearing.

San Diego is the most biologically rich county in the continental U.S.

Favorite national park?

The Sequoia National Park.
One day I’ll make it to Yosemite, but things get in the way like a pandemic.

In England?

I really love the white cliffs of Seven Sisters Country Park in England.
The huge white chalk cliffs are made up of skeletal remains of tiny lifeforms from the ocean.

If you could be any species for a day, what would you be?

I would be a wombat!

Ms. Selena with a Wombat