jars filled with food coloring and water

This fun project is all about the exploration of color and magic and of mixing!

I started the lesson with a book that begins  the conversation of primary and secondary colors called ‘The Strawberry Book of Colors’ by Richard Hefter. A wonderful story of three painters that can mix any color in the rainbow by just using red, yellow, and blue.

After, we move onto create our own water rainbow using:

*Clear jars


*Food coloring


This part really engaged the children as they got to identify each color and see the colors swirl together before their very eyes!

We let each child experiment with water colors on their own afterwards.

As they began their mixing we introduced translucent & glitter glue as a fun effect that gives more life and texture to the painting (also creates a great final gloss effect as it dries).

This exercise gives each child a chance to work on their brush handle it skills, color identification and inspiration for working with different mediums.

art class at our daycare center
children having fun in our art center
playing with watercolors at our childcare center
girl holding her art project at our daycare center
watercolor butterfly