The children had so much fun working in the dark room that I decided to keep it for one more lesson

Workstation in Dark Room at Preschool Center
The Glow Room at Carmel Mountain Preschool

Except for this time I incorporated a black light to show the children how their creations could be brought to life through luminescence.

child playing in dark room at daycare center

Plus who doesn’t like a little glow art once in a while!

girls drawing in glow room at preschool

The children were free to explore and create in different areas of the studio like:

  • Painting a textured wall made up of recycled items
  • Chalk drawings on cardboard surfaces
  • Drawings with highlighters
  • Glow play dough sculptures
  • Building block stations
dark room fort at carmel mountain daycare center
girl drawing with chalk at daycare center in dark room

As the children are continually evolving their creative skills through process art I have watched many of them develop confidence in their ideas. I’ll be taking down the darkroom next week but it was great to hear so many giggles and hilarious quotes from their experiences.