Sugar Castles

Building sugar castles are a great way to encourage concentration, fine motor, and perseverance skills.

Through this activity you’ll need the following:

  • A tray
  • White sugar cubes
  • Pipette
  • Water color

Before adding color I like to ask the children what their predictions are for when the water is applied to the sugar.

Applying water color with pipettes are always fun for the children, it’s also beneficial for them to practice their fine motor skills. They will have to use their index finger and thumb to do this. Even the younger children will be able to do so. Just emphasize dipping, pinching, and most importantly letting go to suck that color up into the pipette. By applying color to the sugar, this pinching gesture will be repeated over and over again further strengthening their pinch grip. This may benefit their writing hold, and over all hand strength.

NOW observe closely as the sugar dissolves!

Talk to them about textures.

How does it feel?  Is it sticky? Is it soft or hard?

Transformation is very satisfying for toddlers when incorporated into play. Watching the sugar start as solid shapes then dissolve into the liquid will be great fun for them.

*After you’re all done it’s an easy clean as well since it only water and sugar.

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