kids paint with watercolors

By Julie Goldstein

Spring is in the air at CMP!  This week we discussed the season spring and how nature changes all around us during this time of the year.  We read the book “Spring has Arrived”.  The children shared stories about spring.  They talked about flowers, birds, grass, and trees.  Then they drew pictures inspired by the book and this special time of the year.  We drew with Sharpie markers first and then applied watercolors.  We learned about color mixing and was inspired by all the colors that surrounded us up in The Glenn.   This is a very fun and colorful project.  Try it at home or in your classroom!

children draw what they see in spring

“Spring has Arrived” book
9”x12” watercolor paper
Sharpies: gold, silver, and black
Liquid watercolors

boys paint using watercolors


  1. Have a conversation about Spring and what Spring time means to the children.
  2. Read the book “Spring Has Arrived”, while reading talk the children about ideas for drawings about Spring/
  3. Hand out paper and Sharpies and have the students draw pictures inspired by the story and dialogue.
  4. After they draw, pass out the watercolors and paint brushes. I allow the children to explore the medium, mix the colors and play with color mixing.
  5. This is fun project and the children love to share their stories after they finish their paintings.
  6. Have Fun!