Scrap-wood Imagination Sculptures

By Brian Hodge
Hello, and welcome to Tinkering at Home. I am your teacher, guide, friend and life coach, Mr. Brian. This week in Tinker Hollow we are exploring new ways to build and create with wood, by creating sculptures out of scrap wood. I took “2 x 4s” and cut them into 6-inch pieces. Then I collected scrap and leftover wood from past projects and cut them down into smaller pieces, around “1 x 1” and “2 x 2” inches in size. We first sat as a group and briefly discussed the project and explained that each child could build whatever was in their imagination. Each child received a 6-inch piece of “2 x 4” and was asked to take a few pieces of scrap wood and color/decorate their wood with markers as they saw fit. Once each child had finished with the markers, they used paintbrushes to apply glue to their block of wood. Finally, the children placed their smaller pieces of wood and accessories on the applied glue. Once finished, each child presented their project and told everyone all about their special creation. This project is not only a workout for the imagination, but also great for strengthening fine motor skills. It was so much fun to see the children create all types of wonderful sculptures, we had cars, castles, jets and my personal favorite, Moana’s boat. This is a great project, and very easy to reproduce at home. So, get out there and start tinkering. And always remember, “I tink, therefore I am”.Materials:

2 x 4s cut into 6-inch sections

Any and all scrap wood pieces (roughly 1 x 1 or 2 x 2 inches in size)

Wood glue and small container and paintbrush for holding and applying glue

Markers or Paint Pens

Small accessories; such as buttons, beads, pom poms etc..Instruction:

  1. Cut wood and set up materials for the child(ren)
  2. Give brief explanation of project
  3. Let child’s imagination take over and create
  4. Once finished have the children explain and show off their wonderful new creation

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