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Get to Know The Glenn: A Special Place of Learning at CMP

Over two years ago I met Arianne Betazzi at a baby shower. I was there with my son Frankie who was about six months old and Arianne was eight months pregnant. We connected over motherhood, surfing and organic gardening. We became instant friends and soon after spent many days with our sons and husbands at […]

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Social Media Mom vs. Reality

At Carmel Mountain Preschool our staff is comprised of parents who are all too familiar with the ups and downs of raising a family. Whether they’re new parents or have had their second or third child, they can relate to the challenges that many of us face. Being a parent is such a wonderful gift but let’s […]

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Creative At-Home Sensory Play for Your Little One

Being a parent in this technological age can be challenging. The temptation to pop your little one in front of the television or hand them an iPad to use for an hour is strong. But the benefits of spending time creating together far outweigh the ease of simply distracting them with technology. And the wonder, […]

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How Does Your Garden Grow? Gardening with Your Preschooler

Think back and recall a time, as a child, that you spent exploring plants and trees. Perhaps during a school field trip? Or maybe a neighbor shared a freshly picked snap pea from his garden with you? Experiences like this cultivate a curiosity in children that is, sadly, often lost on today’s generation. Educating children […]

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From One Mom to Another: It Will Be Okay

From one mom to another, I have four words for you: ‘It will be okay!’ Every year around this time parents are filled with anxiety because of impending change: The change of seasons from summer to fall, the change in weather (well, maybe not in Southern California) and most importantly, the change of classroom and […]

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