The environment has always been important to Carmel Mountain Preschool, and it looks like San Diego is catching up and has passed a new law to require recycling, composting, and reducing our trash output.

Carmel Mountain Preschool is implementing new protocols that will help reduce our carbon footprint to make a healthier planet for our children.

Starting March 1, 2023, we ask all families to include reusable utensils and cloth napkins with their child’s lunch. We also ask that all caregivers pack lunches and snacks in reusable containers. Starting in April, CMP will no longer provide plastic utensils, paper plates, or paper napkins.

Each class will also continue to compost all scraps from their organic fruit and vegetable snacks provided by CMP.  All additional food scraps/yard waste will be composted in our new compostable bins for the items that take too long to compost to go into our garden.


Per an article* published by the San Diego Union Tribune:

  • State law aims to fight climate change by reducing how much methane gas gets emitted by landfills from decaying organic material like food and yard waste that could instead have been composted for reuse.
  • The new state law also requires green recycling at businesses, apartment complexes and condominiums in San Diego that are served by private haulers instead of city trucks.
  • Organic waste eligible for the green bins includes fruit, vegetables, eggs, dairy, bread, baked goods, coffee filters, paper napkins, paper bags, parchment paper, grass, leaves, flowers, plant trimmings and non-hazardous wood.
  • Meat and chicken bones are also eligible for green recycling, but they must be carefully stored in kitchen pails or frozen to avoid smells

Packing a sustainable trash-free lunch is easy.  Cloth napkins can be found for cheap at thrift stores and on Etsy – use cloth napkins as a way to make your child’s lunch fun with themes and holidays.  Cheap reusable silverware can be found at Ikea or again at thrift stores, silverware in school lunches don’t need to match.  Lunchbots make great reusable containers that also keep your child’s lunch cold or warm, plus they are made of all stainless steel, so they resist food stains/smells.

Let’s work together to make a better planet for our children.

*Get ready to compost: San Diego’s new green recycling kicks into high gear with bin deliveries and outreach

By: David Garrick

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