preschoolers reading

Tips for parents of kindergartners


As your child grows older it is important to grow their at home learning too. Havefun playing with words, sounds, and letters. Having fun with language helps your child learn to read.

  • Talk to your child

Ask your child about their day. Encourage them to explain what they did or what they played with.

  • Tongue Twisters

Sing songs, read rhymes,and say silly tongue twisters. These allow children to become sensitive to the sounds in words.

  • Trace and say letters

Have your child use a finger to trace a letter while saying the letter’s sound. You can use paper, dirt, play-doh,or any other surface where you can draw.

  • Play sound and language games

Practice blending sounds into words. Ask “Can you guess what this word is? M-o-p.” hold each sound longer than normal. Or pick a word and ask your child for words that rhyme. “My name is Mark. what rhymes with Mark?”

  • Read and Experience

Connect what your child reads with what happens in life. If you are reading a story about animals, talk about your last trip to the zoo.



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