girl holding a completed art project at our preschool

Inspiration for this project came from my observations of the mud kitchens.

Noticing how each child benefits from this form of role-playing in such a joyful manner which is not only fun for them but also improves their social skills, confidence, creative communication, and problem-solving.

I formatted this project like an actual baking class with fun steps and ingredient mixing that they get to do themselves.

We started things off by making our own puffy paint to act as our cake frosting.

Toddler working on an art project at our daycare


  • 1/2 white glue
  • 1/2 shaving cream
  • How ever much liquid water color(depending on how dark you want it your color of choice)
  • Give it a good mix!
Kids working on an art project together at our daycare
Art class at carmel mountain preschool
Toddlers working on art projects at our daycare center

We then spread it across our cake tins. This step helps continue development of their fine motor skills by repeating scooping and spreading movements.

Finally, we add our unique touches on each cake with decorations such as confetti, mini Pom poms, straws, and glitter.

Toddler with a completed art project