Yarn Wrapping Hanging Stars

This month, the children worked with yarn and sticks to create an ornament that will remain timeless.  I am a fan of using naturally found materials in my art projects. Up in The Studio, we are surrounded by nature and the children love to explore and collect rocks, sticks, leaves and flowers. I always try to incorporate these materials into meaningful works of art.

This project was inspired by elements that surround us during the holiday season. I originally chose to use stars as the theme, but as the children worked, their objects often changed into new shapes, some abstract and others representational. It was fun to watch them explore, control, and problem solve with the materials as they progressed in the process.


Colored Yarn (I chose gold and off-white)

Gold string (for the hanging loop)

3 sticks (per child)

Masking tape (to tape the sticks into a star shape)

Yarn Wrapping Stars Materials2

Yarn Wrapping Stars Materials1



For kids ages 2-4 — prepare the sticks for the children

For kids 4 and above — children can tape the sticks and tie the yarn on their own

Step 1 – Tape the sticks into the shape of a star 

Yarn and stick star art project

Step 2 – Tie the yarn around the center of the star

Young boy wrapping yarn around sticks

Step 3 -Wrap the yarn around the center until the tape is covered with yarn

Kids doing yarn wrapping art project

Kids in art class with yarn project

Step 4 – Continue to wrap around the sticks until the sticks are covered with yarn (pic)

Kids wrapping yarn around sticks

Step 5 – Change the colors as the yarn continues to weave in and around the sticks

Young girl in art class

Step 6 – Once the entire star is covered in colored yarn, tie a knot at the end to make sure that it does not unravel.

Young boy showing off yarn art project

Step 7 – Add the gold string and loop around so that there is room for the star to hang as an ornament.

Young boy holding yarn wrapping art project

Preschool kids in art class with yarn star project

Class showing off art project at CMP

Blog by Julie Goldstein – Master Artist & Art Studio Teacher

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