Mom kissing daughter goodbye on first day or school

From one mom to another, I have four words for you: ‘It will be okay!’

Every year around this time parents are filled with anxiety because of impending change: The change of seasons from summer to fall, the change in weather (well, maybe not in Southern California) and most importantly, the change of classroom and teacher.

This change was especially challenging for me with my first child. The idea of my daughter going into a classroom with a new teacher, a new location, and, *gasp*, new kids that weren’t in her old class was probably more stressful for me than it was for her.

I expressed my concerns to the administrators at her school as soon as I could. They told me it was “good for her to be with other kids,” “she becomes more independent this way,” and “new classes offer new beginnings.” I walked back to my car with a sense of helplessness and thought: “What do they know? Their kids are older! How is my little girl going to adjust to a new teacher and different friends?”

As the first day of class approached, my anxiety grew and I dreaded the walk to her new classroom. I wondered how she would adjust to being in a class with new friends and a new teacher. All she knew was what she experienced before!

As we approached, I could tell she was becoming nervous about meeting her new teacher. I kissed her goodbye and sadly walked to my car. I promised myself I wouldn’t have her endure the torture of this new classroom too long and that I would pick her up early. I saw her, from the corner of my eye, walking slowly toward familiar friends, trying to find a safe place to play. I drove away and hoped for the best.

When I arrived to pick her up, I found her happily playing and smiling with her old (and new!) friends. She didn’t want to leave. Her first day was a success. She told me all about her new playground, her new place to nap and all the new toys and books as we drove home. She was happy and that’s all I could ask for.

As my younger son graduates to a new classroom with a new teacher and new friends, I find I don’t have the anxiety I had years before. Carmel Mountain Preschool has already eased his transition by showing him his new playground and his new classroom area to help him feel comfortable with the change. He is excited to be a ‘big boy’ now.

Change is good for children, they will become stronger and they will adjust to new settings and situations. Our children are smarter and more adaptable than we give them credit for. It will be okay.

– This blog experience was written by Angela, a loving Carmel Mountain Preschool parent.

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