I first encountered Gigi Schweikert at a childcare conference. She is hilarious and is super easy to relate to as an educator and a mother. She is very down to earth and has the ability to give parenting advice and advice to teachers in a way that is easy to understand and implement. We are so lucky and so excited to welcome her to Carmel Mountain Preschool for a fun parenting evening and an all-day teacher in-service. Gigi Schweikert travels all over the world speaking to parents and teachers. She is married with four children.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, New York and Colorado. We moved a lot due to my dad’s job. Because of this I love getting to know new people and traveling.

Do you have siblings?

I grew up with two younger brothers, one is an attorney turned social worker living back in North Carolina after being in NYC on 9-11. My other brother was killed in a car accident twenty years ago. I write about the death from a mother’s perspective in my book, “God, God, What do you see? I see a mother looking at me”.

Is there anything in your childhood that really formed what your passion is today?

Yes, I love caring for and teaching children. I set up a summer camp in my backyard at the age of nine years old. I made crafts with neighborhood kids for fifty cents a day per child. I should have charged more!

What was your most memorable #momfail?

I bought a really awesome ice cream cake for my daughter to take to school. I don’t cook well. And for some absent-minded reason, I put the cake in the refrigerator instead of the freezer. The next morning when I went to pull the cake out to take to school, it had melted all over my refrigerator! I tried to convince my daughter that we could scoop it out for milkshakes. She just cried!

Did you have any one event that really encouraged you to work with parents/teachers or changed how you work with parents/teachers?

Having my own children. I was a, “by the book teacher” and once I had my own kids I realized how hard parenting is.

What is the best parenting advice you have ever given or been given?

Give up the guilt. You are going to mess up. Save for college and save for therapy.

What are the easiest things parents can implement in their home to make a positive difference in their child’s life?

Turn off all the screens and put away your cell phones. Read to your children. Play with your children. Snuggle with your children. Just be with your children. Learn to be “with your children,” not just around them.

Get more tips from Gigi about Digital Distractions in the video below:

What is the most common challenge that you come across in preschools? How do you best address that challenge?

Parents pushing children early so they will succeed later. When a child is learning to toilet train does not lead to an Ivy school education or not. Childhood is a journey, not a race. Let children play and be children.

What is the most surprising parenting or teacher challenge that you seem to come across?

Expecting children to be quiet and wait. Children are active and learn best through activity. For some reason, we think still, quiet children are a good thing. That’s why we plop them in front of screens and food. Parenting takes getting up and moving around.

What is your end goal/intent for what you are doing? Or Why were you put on this earth?

To help children and families succeed.

Come see Gigi on November 9th at 6:00 PM

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