Completed accordion journal

By Julie Goldstein

This week our Kinder-Prep kids learned how to create their very own journals.  This is such a fun and easy to make project.  The children love to document their thoughts, ideas, memories and observations in this safe art-place.   It is also a great way to utilize cross-curriculum by adding literature and numbers.  Often, the teachers bring the journals back into the classroom and encourage the children to continue to work in their journals as part of their literary centers.  Follow the 5 steps below and instill excitement, creative problem solving, imagination and storytelling all in one art project!

pre-kindergarten working on the accordion journals


  • 6”x6” recycled cardboard
  • 6”x6” colored card stock
  • glue
  • brushes (for the glue)
  • pre-cut 6” x18” paper
  • A variety of markers, colored pencils, and sharpies (I used florescent fabric markers, the children loved them!)
kindergarten children working on an art project


  1. Discuss the purpose of a book. What is a book? What is your favorite book?  What is inside of a book?
  2. Show them a variety of books. Explain the purpose of the cover, title page, picture books and words.
  3. Glue the colored cardstock onto the cardboard, let dry
  4. Fold the paper into an accordion: first in half the long way, then fold each edge into the center so that it opens just like an accordion.
  5. Glue the edges of the accordion onto the non-colored side of the cardboard
  6. Let dry
  7. Inspire a conversation “If you were to create a book about your “favorite” place… What might it be about”… “beach, Disney Land, the desert, nature”
  8. Have the kids fill their books up with inspirational experiences. This can be anything from a guided dialogue to an open-ended material exploration.
  9. Have Fun!!
kids working on journals at our childcare center
girl working on her journal at our daycare
children working on their accordion journals