girl learning to use a hammer and nails

By Brian Hodge

Hello again my little tinkerlings, and welcome back to Tinkering 101 with me, Professor Mr. Brian. This session in Tinkering the kiddos were given a refresh lesson on using a hammer properly and safely. Once we finished learning the correct way to hold and swing a hammer the children made “Hammer and nail butterfly dot-to-dot”, while demonstrating all the ways they learned to keep their friends and themselves safe. Each child was given a piece of wood measuring 3 ½ x ¾ x 6 inches, with the outline of a butterfly made from dots. After the children put on their safety glasses(always the first step in any project) the first tool we use is our sanding block. Once the wood was sanded smooth the next step was to hammer 1-inch panel nails half way into each dot in the outline. After all the nails had been applied, the children used markers to connect the dots and create a beautiful butterfly. This was a great lesson to reinforce our safety guidelines and have a cool little project at the end. Well, thank you for stopping by The Hollow and until next time don’t forget to “tink outside the box”.

kids playing in the tinker hollow


  • 3 ½ x ¾ x 6-inch piece of wood
  • 1-inch panel nails
  • Markers


  • Hammer
  • Sanding block
  • Safety Glasses
steps to complete the butterfly hammer and nail project


  1. Cut wood and mark butterfly outline with dots
  2. Instruct children on proper and safe use of hammer
  3. Hammer nails halfway into dots
  4. Connect dots and create butterfly
boy learning to use hammer and nails at our preschool
Children building butterfly art at our daycare
kids playing with tools at our childcare center