Frida Kahlo Shadow Box Project

This was a fun project to do with the children since I love introducing new artists and ideas!

Throughout this lesson, the children exercise proper pen holding skills, fine motor skills, and get to learn a little art history along the way.Starting the lesson with a book that describes who Frida was and how she persevered through challenges in her life, but most importantly how she never stopped painting.

Materials used:

  • Printed portrait of Frida
  • Take out food tin (frame for shadow box)
  • Take out food lid with heart shaped cut out
  • Sharpies & markers
  • Colored folders
  • Acrylic paint
  • Rhinestones

We then moved on to coloring our own Frida face with markers and highlighters.

This was great fun because they became more familiar with the image and began to make their Frida more personal whether it was drawing make-up on her, coloring her flowers or even decorating her with unique patterns.

As we finished coloring we moved on to decorating heart frames (made of take-out lids w/ hearts cut out of them) using multicolored rhinestones the children made borders and patterns. This was great practice for their pinching muscles.

Lastly, the grand finale was to paint and glitter our backgrounds (made of take out food tins)!At the end we combined all the decorated elements together to create layered shadow box so we can always remember Frida Kahlo.

The children surprised me with such incredibly unique creations that left me amazed and inspired.

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