Creation Station at Tinker Hollow

What can you create with recycled material? Card board, corks, caps, pipe cleaners and more add some glue and see what you imagine and make an

art masterpiece. This session we went back to the basics. Let’s explore tinkering and remember the rules and how to use the tools.

What are the main rules in Tinkering? “Walking feet” are required as the ground is somewhat on a slope and we have tools in use. When we are in wood-working we must always “wear goggles to protect our eyes.” We wear gloves when sanding or hammering to protect our fingers. Finally, the most important rule, which should be a rule everywhere, “when you take something out, we put it away, where we got it out from.” This is a great rule for toys and other stuff at home and school.

We went over the difference between a nail and a screw. What tools do we use with each? Also, what is a sander and how is it used? Do we use a hammer on a screw or sander? No thank you, hammers are for nails…

Screws have ridges and we use a screwdriver to put them into wood.

They have a cut out on top.

Nails are smooth and you use a hammer with them. They have a flat top.

When wood is rough, we sand away the rough parts with a sander. A sander or sand paper is made with sand, paper and a wood block or foam block. You rub the wood back and forth until it is smooth.

Gloves can help to prevent splinters. Sanders are not for hammering into.

Books we read:

I am Yoga, I am Love, If I built a school, The Kissing Hand

I put some pre-drilled wood out for screwing and nailing, so the children could create things out of wood. Some of our school agers wanted to cut their wood with our mini hand saws. They learned how hard it is to actually cut the wood. Remember, our art in tinkering is about the process, not necessarily about the outcome. There are plenty of fun pre-cut wood projects at Home Depot or Michaels if you want to find a fun project for you and your child. Go create and have a wonder day with your children.

Much Love, Miss Stacie

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