1. What should I pack my preschooler for lunch?

We recommend keeping it simple and healthy. A balanced lunch is always best. Protein, fruit, vegetables, and healthy fats such as cheese. We do not refrigerate or heat up meals. For older children, please make sure your child is able to open all lunch containers. One of our goals is to foster independence. We are always willing to help children if needed but will want them to try to do it themselves first. A BentoBox is a wonderful lunch box for children, parents, and teachers alike.


2. My child does not nap, how will this work with a 2 hour nap time?

Our rest time is from 12:30-2:30. During this time children are to take a nap or rest quietly on their mats. For children in the potty trained 3’s class and up we do have classes such as dance, music, yoga, or sports. These classes are held by certified and back-ground checked coaches. Their contact information is located in the office. These are an additional cost. The coaches are able to provide more information in regard to cost and scheduling.


3. When should my child begin potty training?

Potty training will vary by each child. They will show signs such as wanting to sit on the potty, telling you their diaper is soiled, or staying dry for long periods of time. We will take your child’s lead when it comes to potty training. It is best that you and their teacher stay in communication in regard to the potty training process. For more tips and information check out our Potty Training Tips.


4. What if my 3 or 4 year old is not potty-trained?

CMP has a non-potty trained class that will guide your child in the potty training process.


5. Why is my child messy when I pick them up?

CMP is a play-based school and believe most learning objectives can be accomplished through play. Some activities will involve being messy to develop their sensory skills. We allow children to explore and be creative with mud, paint, water, shaving cream, etc. We will always make sure your child’s face is clear of dirt, food, mucus, and diapers are always clean.


6. How do you handle emergency situations?

CMP has plans and evacuation routes in place in case of emergencies. We have a close relationship with our school safety resource officer. We ask parents to notify us of any suspicious activity they see. All teachers are mandated reporters and will report all activities they deem unsafe.


 7. When will the teacher reply to my emails?

Our teacher’s priority is the children. This means they are not always able to reply to your emails right away. Most teachers will be able to reply in the early morning or during nap time pending their class situation. Per CMP policy, teachers are required to respond to emails twice a week.


8. What is your policy for misbehaving children?

At CMP we use a program called Conscious Discipline that focuses on redirection and instilling tools that help children regulate their emotions.