Our Kindergarten Program is one of the best in San Diego with an emphasis on a whole child approach to Kindergarten education. Our students spend their day balancing skills that prepare them for elementary school with play based experiential learning.


Our 1:15 teacher-to-child ratio provides a comprehensive program that encompasses reading, writing, auditory and oral skills for emergent readers in a warm and nurturing environment.


Through Rigby PM Plus “Leveled Readers” students are taught a comprehensive program that encompasses reading, writing, auditory, and oral skills to introduce and/or expand reading skills. Writing, math, science, history, creative arts, rhythm and movement, cooking, multicultural awareness, dramatic play and fine/gross motor development will round out their full curriculum.

Daily Activities

During Daily Group Time children are exposed to a variety of literature including: fiction, non-fiction, songs and poems, encouraging group discussions promoting critical thinking skills. Practical math applications along with an introduction to earth sciences provide opportunities for independent discovery and hands-on exploration. History and Social Science will be explored through classroom activities.

Our Kindergarten students get a very well-rounded education with weekly visits to The Art Studio and The Nature Lab & Glenn Garden. The students get to explore the garden, learn all about science and nature, and express their artistic brilliance.

young boy with eyedropper tool

Special Extra-Curricular Activities

Kindergarten students get the opportunity to explore extra-curricular learning throughout the year with a Woodworking Bus, Spanish, Art, Gymnastics and Perk Sports.

Unique Benefits

Huge Playground and outdoor areas
The Art Studio and The Nature Lab & Glenn Garden
Credentialed Teachers
Daily reading, writing, math, art, music, social studies and science
1:15 teacher-to-student ratio
Extra-Curricular Special Programs throughout the year

girl with pumpkin at preschool

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