Miss Sonya had a great idea and collaborated with Tinker Hollow to make protective boxes for their Humpty Dumpty egg drop! The idea was to create a protective place for a hard boiled egg ( Humpty Dumpty) to rest before it was put into a box and dropped from the top of the bridge. The children discussed how and what and why we need to protect items that come in boxes.

“I had an idea” to put all that Tinker Hollow bubble wrap that we have been collecting since the fall to use and have some fun. First, we opened up a box containing a glass jar of buttons and inspected the jar for any cracks. Was the bubble wrap doing its’ job? Yes!

button jar protected by bubble wrap
toddler pops bubble wrap

Of course, the real fun was just learning how to pop those bubbles! I think these toddlers could have sat for an hour just popping away.

a teacher tapes bubble wrap to a toddlers shoes

Miss Marcy helped Miss Carole create bubble shoes for the children. They loved walking and popping and jumping and popping.

girl likes popping bubble wrap

Of course, the older children were able to add some special details to their popping shoes with colored tape.

toddler pops bubble wrap at our daycare center

“These shoes were meant for popping!”

fun popping bubble wrap at our childcare center

The look of surprise when the bubbles popped!

painting with bubble wrap shoes

Taking the popping shoes for a walk in the paint to create some art was also fun!

Bubble wrap quilt:

We cut a small hole on the flat side of the bubble wrap and stuffed it was fabric and ribbon. When we have enough pieces, we will make a bubble wrap quilt.

This was especially great for small muscle development (hands, fingers and wrists), sensory stimulation and fine motor skills.

bubble wrap quilt

Some other little-known facts about bubble wrap:

  1. It was invented by accident by designers who were trying to make bubble wallpaper.
  2. It is insulating for both hot and cold
  3. Apparently, 1 minute of bubble popping is a great stress reliever- as good as a 30-minute massage
  4. Here is a great video to watch on how bubble wrap is made at a bubble wrap factory: